Workforce Development


Cybersecurity is a national priority and critical to the well-being of all organizations. As technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, demand for an experienced and qualified workforce has never been higher. Large and small organizations from both the public and private sectors are creating new cyber jobs and hiring thousands of cyber professionals to protect networks and information systems.

Organizations must have the right cyber staff in place to protect their business. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is committed to strengthening the workforce to ensure that organizations have the information and tools needed to protect their business and meet the challenges of the future.

DHS has the programs and capabilities to help your organization build a world-class cyber workforce:

  • Identify and quantify your cybersecurity workforce
  • Understand workforce needs and skills gaps
  • Hire the right people for clearly defined roles
  • Enhance employee skills with training and professional development
  • Create programs and experiences to retain top talent

These steps are depicted in the Workforce Development Lifecycle below.

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