• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

We have over 300 different security and privacy modules allowing you to mix and match topics to suit your needs. Tailor the learning experience delivered to each unique group within the company. The training can then be verified and completion recorded through an intuitive learning management system (LMS). This is the answer for many organizations out there struggling to provide interactive, effective training that will change behavior. The 300 modules target specific topics under the larger headings of: Preventing Phishing, Privacy Principles, Social Media Risks and Benefits, HIPAA Compliance, Safe Computing, Role-Based Security Topics, Physical Security, Bring Your Own Device, Protecting and Handling Data, Safe Remote and Mobile Computing, PCI Security Standards, Security at a Glance

Learning Objectives

Promoting and Creating strong organizational Cyber Security culture. Developing a deeper awareness of secure practices and requirements in each employee and the organization as a whole.

Framework Connections