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Course Description

Explore common methods and examples of providing resource access after successful authentication using discretionary access control, mandatory access control, attribute-based access control, and others.

Learning Objectives

System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP 2018): Controlling Resource Access

  • Course Overview
  • describe how authorization follows authentication to allow resource access
  • compare and contrast DAC with MAC
  • use the icacls command to configure DAC
  • compare and contrast DAC with MAC
  • set the Linux umask to control default permissions
  • list the benefits of using RBAC
  • use the PowerShell Set-Acl cmdlet to configure RBAC
  • use Linux to configure RBAC
  • compare attribute-based AC to DAC and MAC
  • use Windows to configure ABAC
  • discuss alternate access control methods
  • specify when 802.1x remediation, quarantine, and admission should be configured for thin clients, VPNs, and teleworkers
  • apply access control techniques to secure assets

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