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Course Description

Before the solution to a business problem can be implemented, a business analyst must perform a strategy analysis. Analyzing the business using the standards of practice in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), can aid in assessing the organization's current state, as well as its desired future state, to determine what the change strategy will look like.
In this course, you'll explore documentation techniques, business and use cases, metrics, and acceptance and evaluation criteria for effective business analytics work.

Learning Objectives

Strategy Analysis

  • recognize characteristics of strategy analysis
  • recognize best practices for applying core concepts during strategy analysis tasks

Current and Future State Analysis

  • identify considerations to make when analyzing the current state
  • distinguish between techniques you use to analyze the current state
  • identify considerations to make when defining the future state
  • distinguish between the guidelines and techniques you use to define the future state

Assess Risks

  • describe how to use guidelines and techniques to assess risks
  • distinguish between the guidelines and techniques you use to define a change strategy
  • demonstrate your understanding of the tasks you perform during business analysis strategy analysis

Framework Connections


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