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Course Description

SEMAIS “Understanding Vulnerability Management Process” workshop is a holistic methodology for defining and scoping the complete requirements for Vulnerability Management. Traditionally, workshops focused on the operational aspect of VM – which provided management gaps and increased security risks. Our VuMP seminar is a unique process that combines management, operational, and technical approaches as a business driver. The workshop provides a comprehensive view of the Vulnerability Management Process (VuMP). Attendees will dissect a vulnerability management program and learn how to test the program's effectiveness. The primary audience is security managers who design and implement a VM program. However, this workshop also contains information useful to system administrators and operations personnel who apply patches and deploy solutions (i.e., information related to testing patches and enterprise patching software).

Learning Objectives

  • The workshop discusses the Vulnerability Management process and technologies that an organization utilizes to identify, assess, and remediate information technology (IT) vulnerabilities, weaknesses, or exposures in IT resources or processes that may lead to a security or business risk

Framework Connections