• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

This half-day course is designed to increase employees ability to safeguard computer, data, and information assets from breaches by unauthorized entities that result in detrimental loss to business revenues, operations, systems access, or individual privacy. The course satisfies annual cyber security awareness requirements for most organizations and addresses security policy, access control, configuration management, situational awareness, and social responsibility of computer and information management for employees.  The course is ideal for employee on boarding, periodic, reoccurring, or refresher training for organizations vulnerable to cyber threats.  At the conclusion of the course, participants will have the knowledge to safe guard network, computer, and information assets using industry protocols, policies, and procedures. The course can be tailored to satisfy  business solutions based on cyber security need assessments, audit results, employee violations, or compliance standards. 

Learning Objectives

  • The basic elements and practices of Internet safety including concepts in social media
  • Organization's policies and individual responsibilities to defend corporate assets and data
  • Basic use of computers to store sensitive information for personal safety
  • Proper use and configuration of ant-virus programs and operating systems
  • Safely using email to download files and share information
  • The use and issues concerning mobile security and wireless systems
  • Best practices to protect personal and corporate information
  • Legal implications and criminal convictions for violating computer and organizational laws
  • Password complexity and proper use
  • Malware safety and best practices for software anti-virus programs
  • The "Road Ahead" with Cyber Security

Framework Connections