• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description
ESCALATE, enables managers to recruit, retain and cultivate their cyber analysts.
ESCALATE is a proven immersive ecosystem that delivers gamified cyber-skills challenges
with an online community of mentors. Product features include:
  • Training for all skill levels
  • No downloads needed
  • 24/7 online gamified challenges
  • Analytic tools for managers
  • Real-time access to online community of mentors
  • Hands-on specialized skills training
  • Incentivization through leaderboard rankings
  • Collaboration with other members via text and video chat

Learning Objectives

In ESCALATE, members will have access to 100+ capture the flag challenges in the following topics:

  • Programming Foundations
  • Networking Foundations
  • Reverse Engineering Windows, Linux amd64,Linux aarch64, Linux arm, Linux i386, Android and Special Topics
  • Network Operations
  • Network Forensics
  • Disk Forensics
  • Web Exploitation
  • Linux Exploitation
  • Windows Exploitation
  • Implant Development
  • Defensive Hunting
  • Malware Repurposing

Framework Connections