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  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

APL 101 Course Description: This class provides an overview of computer repair and systems. Students will be able to: Identify important computer diagnostic and repair tools; avoid many safety hazards involved with repairing computers; identify the properties of an anti-static work area; explain how grounds work and to identify the components. Topics include installation and configuration, file management, memory and storage management, control of peripheral devices, and use of utilities.

APL 102 Course Description: Introduces students to how operating systems work. They will also be able to understand how to: Boot a computer, create and use Windows rescue disks to troubleshoot and solve problems while booting Windows, describe different versions and architecture of Windows, discuss the Windows startup process, describe Windows NT architecture, outline the features, the boot process, and architecture of Windows 10, view and update Windows, troubleshoot hard drives and learn to back them up, identify computer viruses and how to protect against them, outline the basics of networking and discuss how the OSI model applies to TCP/IP networks. Students will discuss starting up, using and supporting hardware in the Mac OS environment, outline the file structure and learn some commands of the Linux OS, outline Windows 10 notebook features and describe power management in notebooks. They will receive an overview of operating systems, hardware and software management. The boot process, command line management, installing and using Windows, supporting and troubleshooting Windows 10 will be covered.

Learning Objectives

  • Computer Hardware Introduction
  • Lab Procedures and Tool Usage
  • Computer Assembly
  • Overview of Preventive Maintenance
  • Learning and Using Operating Systems (Windows, MAC and Linux)
  • Introducing, Navigating and Understanding Networks
  • Understanding and Maintaining Laptops
  • Understanding and Maintaining Mobile Devices
  • Understanding and Maintaining Printers
  • Securing Your PC
  • How to Be an IT Professional
  • How to Advance Troubleshoot

Framework Connections