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Course Description

Introduction This course is part of a series brought to you by the University of MJ Computer Concepts online community of learning. My name is Mack Jackson Jr., I am a Cyber Security instructor for this course. In full disclosure, this webinar information is based on my research and experience as a business consultant. I am not a lawyer and this information is not legal advice. Please consult legal advice before developing our company policies and procedures on GDPR or cybersecurity. Did you know that over 16 million new victims of identity theft are reported to law enforcement every year? The number of identity theft victims is growing every year. According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Businesses are the number #1 source of identity theft. As an employee of a business, you are on the front line when it comes to protecting your company's data. The most valuable assets to a company are its employees. As a valued asset to a company, you are responsible for overseeing your workplace security. Technology in the workplace is not the only way to secure the company's information. If all of us take the time to be aware of our company's information around our workplace, we can mitigate financial losses and avoid legal issues. Cyber security awareness education is essential to help protect the company's customers, suppliers, employees and reputation from cyber attacks. In this course we will cover identity theft in the workplace for employees. I invite you to take notes on the information you will learn and then review your current cybersecurity policy.

Learning Objectives

This course is to provide an understanding of the employee's role in the workplace in regards to cybersecurity awareness. We will discuss what and why of hackers and how employee can protect their personal information as well as company information from cyber criminals.

Framework Connections