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Course Description

The RMF for Executives course is a high-level, 2-day executive level training which provides an introduction to Risk Management Framework (RMF), including a review of the laws, policy, and regulations that govern the process, the roles and responsibilities associated with the RMF, introducing risk, the 6 steps, Defense-in-Depth, and understanding the documentation and artifacts required. It will primarily focus on the executives role in the RMF process and the impact they can have to the cost, timeline and authorization to operate (ATO).

This course will also be tailored to the US Navy RMF Process Guide.

Learning Objectives

  • Module 1 ? Critical Definitions
  • Module 2 ? Introducing Risk
  • Module 3 ? The Laws, Policies and Guidance
  • Module 4 ? Roles and Responsibilities
  • Module 5 ? The 6 Steps of the RMF
  • Module 6 ? Defense-in-Depth
  • Module 7 ? Understanding the RMF Core Package

Framework Connections