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Course Description

This course is an introduction to privacy. Students will learn what ?privacy? means in the context of both government and industry. Key federal statutes will be identified and discussed, several privacy frameworks will be examined, and privacy documentation such as Privacy Impact Assessments and System of Record Notices will be explained.

Additionally, students will be able to determine the difference between IT security and privacy, will learn privacy best-practices, and will appreciate the true need for an enterprise-wide privacy program.

Learning Objectives

Data Privacy Fundamentals Part 1

  • Introduction to Data Privacy/Privacy Definitions
  • Personal Information
  • Privacy and Security
  • Key Privacy Concepts
  • Integrating Privacy into Security

Data Privacy Fundamentals Part 2

  • U.S. Federal Privacy Laws: Agencies
  • U.S. Federal Privacy Laws: Industry
  • U.S. State Privacy Laws
  • Privacy Frameworks
  • Common Privacy Themes

Introduction to HIPAA

  • Introduction to HIPAA
  • HIPAA Privacy Rule

Framework Connections