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Course Description

This program provides students with the knowledge of basic hardware, operating systems, and elements of security and soft skills. This course is appropriate for those who work, or plan to work, in a mobile or corporate technical environment, or hold a position characterized by a high-level of in-person client interaction.

The Desktop Support Specialist training provides learners with the skills needed to successfully support end-users and troubleshoot desktop environments that are running the Microsoft Windows operating system. This course provides individuals who are new to Microsoft Windows operating systems with the knowledge and skills necessary to troubleshoot basic problems end users will face while running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional in an Active Directory network environment, or Windows 7 Home edition in a workgroup environment.

Learning Objectives

Course Objectives:

  • Linked to CompTIA A+ Certification
  • Identify fundamental components and functions of standard desktop personal computers and computer operating systems.
  • Identify best practices followed by professional personal computer technicians.
  • Install and configure computer components, system components, and operating systems.
  • Identify technical characteristics and troubleshooting techniques for system components.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot peripheral components and installations of Microsoft Windows.
  • Identify network technologies and personal computer security concepts.
  • Support laptops, printers, portable computing devices, and personal computer security.
  • Troubleshoot system components.
  • Install and manage network connections.

Framework Connections