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Course Description

Advanced Linux Networking Implementations Using Raspberry Pi, Python3, Scapy, and Linux bash shall scripting. This course consists of some lecture, but mostly is hands-on. Topics Covered include: Raspberry Pi and Adafruit GPS Hardware, building, installing, configuring, TCP/IP Networking, including subnetting IPv4 and IPv6, Routing & Switching, Configuring Networking on Linux (routing, NAT, bridging, firewalling), SSH & AutoSSH, Linux Screen, IPtables, Python3 (variables, lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries), Scapy, Python3/MySQL integration, BASH scripting (variables, scripting using if/then, for & while loops, case, functions), More BASH scripting (awk, sed, tr, cut, sort), Geolocation using Google APIs

Learning Objectives

  • Introduction the Cloud
  • FedRAMP and FedRAMP Plus
  • Preparation for RMF in the Cloud
  • Cloud
  • Inheritance
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Cloud Tools
  • eMASS and the Cloud

Framework Connections