• Online, Instructor-Led
  • Classroom
Course Description

The Securing Amazon Web Services course is a professional development training seminar designed to equip students and enterprises with the professional ability to properly and securely utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS). Those who register for the Securing Amazon Web Services training seminar will examine the various available security offerings within AWS, their purposes and finally, implementation of controls within their cloud environment.

This course provides students with a heavy dosage of lectures, group discussions, and practical exercises; all of which were developed into the course to ensure students have a few different opportunities to absorb key messages and learning objectives. Successful students of this course will leave our training with the knowledge and skills to properly implement security within an AWS infrastructure.

Learning Objectives

This course has a total of nine domains designed to instruct students on how to properly utilize Amazon Web Services (SAWS) in a secure manner.

  • Domain 1: Identity and Access Management
  • Domain 2: Encryption at Rest
  • Domain 3: Network Security
  • Domain 4: Infrastructure Security
  • Domain 5: Instance Security
  • Domain 6: Logging & Monitoring
  • Domain 7: Incident Response
  • Domain 8: Availability
  • Domain 9: Virtual Private Cloud Architecture

Framework Connections