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Course Description

Intrinsec has been a leading provider of vendor-neutral IT security training since 2010. The gold-standard courses and certifications we provide, whether that?s for a partner?s certification or an in-house program, are all designed to enhance the performance, qualifications and overall engagement of today?s workforce.

The 50-Day Training Bundle offers all this and more, only at a lowered price to you and your people.

The 50-Day Training Bundle is a non-expiring savings program for security-conscience enterprises, departments and teams looking to maximize their training budget. It doesn?t matter whether you planned on having some people complete a course this week, or simply spread your training out over the next 48 months (or longer!), this program offers you and your enterprise the flexibility to make it happen.

Learning Objectives

The shortage of in house is a growing challenge. ISACAs State of Cybersecurity 2017 found that fewer than 1 in 4 candidates have the qualifications employers need to keep companies secure. Cybersecurity training and certification are essential tools in combating this challenge. The biggest gating factors, however, have been the availability of reliable and comprehensive training materials, and the prohibitive costs often associated with getting trained and certified.

That?s where we come in. With Intrinsec?s 50-Day Training Bundle your enterprise and its people receive 50 days of training. All 50 days can be used on any of the premier courses we offer, including our partner?s certification prep courses! Additionally, the training days you receive are good for life as this bundle doesn?t come with any expiry dates. Every training day is also fully transferable to anyone within your organization.

Whether you?re rewarding 10 of your best cyber security practitioners with a 5-day boot camp or having 25 employees attend a two-day cloud awareness course, our 50-Day Training Bundle allows for an easier and more straightforward training experience.

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