• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The Cloud Security Boot Camp is a five (5) day, 35 CPE training seminar offered to you by Intrinsec Security.

Cloud Security Boot Camp is a cloud security training package, combined with two of Intrinsec's most respected cloud security courses. The Cloud Security Alliance Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge Plus (CCSK PLUS) and Cloud Audit and Compliance.

SEC-306 spends the first three days (ex. Monday to Wednesday) focusing on Intrinsec's CCSK PLUS course material. During this period, you will learn about cloud computing and the security aspects to address prior to deployment of any system in a public or private cloud. After the third day of training is complete, students will then use the final two days (ex. Thursday to Friday) to review the material presented in Cloud Audit and Compliance. The main focus at this stage of SEC-306 is for students to learn how they can properly assess cloud service providers, while also being able to analyze their own organizations internal usage and readiness to adopt cloud services.

Professionals who register for this boot camp are provided with an unmatched number of training benefits to maximize their cloud security learning experience. The following items and features are included with all course registrations for Intrinsec's Cloud Security Boot Camp:

  • Five (5) Days of Training from North Americas Leading Cloud Security Trainer
  • Official CCSK Plus and Cloud Audit and Compliance Courseware
  • EXCLUSIVE: OnDemand Access to Intrinsec's CCSK Guidance Video Library
  • EXCLUSIVE: Unlimited Q&A Access to Intrinsec's Cloud Security Training Specialists
  • EXCLUSIVE: Paid Access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Practical Training Exercises
  • EXCLUSIVE: Online Access to Intrinsec's CCSK Test Prep Program (+200 Practice Questions)
  • Two (2) Exam Vouchers (tokens) for the CCSK Certification

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Learning Objectives

CCSK Plus: Days 1, 2 & 3 of Training
CCSK Plus training will be delivered during the first three days of this Boot Camp. Our CCSK training program is broken down into six (6) unique modules.

  1. Module 1: Introduction and Cloud Architectures
  2. Module 2: Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing
  3. Module 3: Managing Cloud Computing Security and Risk
  4. Module 4: Data Security for Cloud Computing
  5. Module 5: Securing Cloud Applications and Users
  6. Module 6: Selecting Cloud Services

Cloud Audit and Compliance training will take place during the final two days of this Boot Camp. Specific details on our Cloud Audit and Compliance program.

  1. Domain 1: Audit Principles
  2. Domain 2: Certifications and Compliance
  3. Domain 3: Cloud Security Alliance Tools
  4. Domain 4: Introduction to VPC
  5. Domain 5: Auditing Usage of Cloud Computing
  6. Domain 6: ISO 27017 IaaS Technical Controls

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