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Cybersecurity Professionals

The following page outlines information most commonly sought out by industry professionals.

Cybersecurity Training

While there is no shortage of websites claiming that they house useful cybersecurity trainings, there is no easy way to find courses. Training offered by reliable sources are spread over many different academic, governmental, commercial and organizational websites, making them difficult to locate and use. To help mitigate this problem, NICCS houses an interactive Cybersecurity Training Catalog. The training catalog will be a central resource of cybersecurity and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) training courses. Providing better access to these courses helps the Nation maintain a globally-competitive cybersecurity workforce, and broadens the pool of skilled workers capable of supporting a cyber-security nature.

To learn more, visit the NICCS Interactive Cybersecurity Education and Training Catalog.

Understanding the Field: The National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework

Throughout the Federal Government and the nation, there is little consistency in terms of how cybersecurity work is defined and categorized. Consequently, uncertainty surrounds the job duties and tasks carried out by cybersecurity professionals and the skill sets required to perform these duties. In order to provide a common lexicon and define the field, the government led the development of the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (the Workforce Framework). The Workforce Framework is designed to be comprehensive covering the major categories and specialty areas while remaining inherently flexible, allowing organizations to adapt its content to their human capital and workforce planning needs. The first version of the Workforce Framework, released in 2012, outlines 31 functional work specialties within the cybersecurity field and is the foundation of the workforce efforts. To learn more, visit the Workforce Framework page.