The STEM Explore, Discover, Apply (STEM EDA) curriculum engages middle school students through a series of hands-on projects that help improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

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All projects seamlessly integrate to Engineering Design Process and cyber components which allowstudents to creatively explore present-day STEM through design.

This multi-grade level curriculum utilizes liberal arts disciplines to provide meaning and depth to the content. Through STEM EDA, students develop invaluable skills focusing on leadership, team building, creativity, and communication.

STEM EDA's modular nature provides ultimate flexibility to schools. Teachers can implement the curriculum as a standalone elective course, insert specific modules into an existing class, or provide the modules as an after-school program.

Teachers who attend a STEM EDA professional development workshop or the Education Discovery Forum will receive hands-on training from the NICERC curriculum development team and access to the STEM EDA modules.

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