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Learn how the Federal Government is encouraging the integration of cybersecurity topics into STEM curricula for K-12 students.

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Get new ideas for bringing cybersecurity and technology into the classroom and finding curriculum resources, and strategies for making STEM accessible.

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Find activities that extend cybersecurity learning beyond the classroom.

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Learn about the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) initiatives and programs underway to connect educators, students, and technology.

Cybersecurity & STEM Education

Promoting and expanding cybersecurity education is essential to protecting the Nation’s critical infrastructure. In order for the United States to best protect our interests in the 21st century, a new workforce needs to be educated and the current workforce needs additional skills. From elementary schools to postgraduate institutions, educators need to understand the critical knowledge, skills and abilities that future cybersecurity professionals need to learn.

We must build a digitally literate workforce that uses technology in a secure manner. To do so, we must teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and other critical subjects to all students and educate all students on the secure use of today's evolving technologies.

On the Education tab, NICCS strives to provide educators and students with the resources necessary to become members of this new workforce. Students can find various resources to learn the foundational skills for a career in cybersecurity, to join programs at the collegiate level that have the programs that interest them, and obtain resources outside the classroom so they can continue their education. Educators can find various curriculum resources and programs to help them identify the skills and knowledge students need to become members of this growing resource.

Browse through the tab to find what’s right for you, and contact the NICCS team at to learn about how you can become more cyber-savvy!