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Cyber Competitions

Building Tomorrow's Workforce

The nation's cyber infrastructure depends on well-trained professionals to support and protect its systems and networks from attacks. DHS believes hand-on cyber competitions are a valuable learning method for all students, regardless of level. Cyber competitions are interactive, scenario-based events or exercises that help students develop and increase cybersecurity skills outside the traditional academic environment. Additional, cbyer competitions provide a forum for networking and information sharing, which DHS believed to be an integral platform for increasing the future ranks of cybersecurity professionals.

Teachers: Start a Cyber Competition Team

Teachers can boost their students' interest and skills in cybersecurity through coaching a cyber competition team. Competitions give students an opportunity to put what they've learned into practice as they work as a team to solve problems in a new learning format. These competitions foster talend in students who might otherwise not pursue cybersecurity opportunities. One of the largest cyber competitions across the country is CyberPatriot. Middle and hidh school teachers can learn how to easy it is to start a team by clicking here.

Find and Participation in Cyber CompetitionsSecure world with binary code and lock

Competitions are a great way to learn about cybersecurity by applying offensive and defensive maneuvers in a competitive environment. They encourage participants to practice and hone cybersecurity skills in a controlled, real-world environment.

Join a team or compete on your own. There are lots of different competitions aimed at various levels of ability from beginners to seasoned experts.

Check out a list of available Cybersecurity Competitions.