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NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework Search Enhancement, Now LIVE!

The NICCS website implemented a search enhancement to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework tool that now enables users to search the framework by Work Roles, Tasks, Skills, Knowledge, Abilities, or keyword. 

The NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework page  has a wealth of information you can use to learn about cybersecurity work.  The page presents the NICE Framework in an easily to view format.  It displays the seven Categories, along with the Specialty Areas, Work Roles, Tasks, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities.


NICCS further enhanced this page by providing users the ability to search the Framework by keywords relevant to the user.  The Framework is now searchable by the following:

Through the NICCS NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework page, users are also able to view the Framework from a top-down approach, along with a bottom-up approach.  For a more detailed description of what these approaches mean, information on the NICE Framework, and how users may leverage these tools, please visit here.

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