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Cybersecurity Certifications

NICCS' vision is to provide the nation with the tools and resources necessary to ensure the Nation’s workforce has the appropriate training and education tools in the cybersecurity field. We also aim to increase awareness of valuable tools and resources available to help educate you during your studies and career.

Cybersecurity certifications are valuable for anyone in the cybersecurity space, and NICCS has compiled a list of well-known industry certifications. Some are perfect starting points on your career path and others will help increase future career opportunities. NICCS wants to highlight those certifications in need which will help close the skill gaps in the cybersecurity workforce.

We encourage you to investigate the certifications below. Once you determine which is the right certification for you, visit the Education and Training Catalog to find a cybersecurity training provider in your local area or online.

This list is compiled from current course listings in the Education and Training Catalog, and verified as current and relevant offerings by leading providers and developers of cybersecurity certifications. 

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