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Promoting Research Efforts

Research Home

Research is important in helping people find accurate and credible information. It is vital to our everyday decision making and can help individuals make smarter life decisions. The same holds true with cybersecurity research. It is important to your success as you take on life's challenges and career decisions making.

In order to lead, champion, and sustain the development of the national cybersecurity workforce, as well as educate the citizenry, NICCS will provide and deliver various resources that cover different topics of research concerning cybersecurity. This research material should allow the end-user to better educate themselves on various issues and topics concerning cybersecurity, as well as develop stronger partnerships throughout the country as the nation confronts the ever-growing issue of cybersecurity.

NICCS has developed white papers and presentations on cybersecurity workforce development, which received positive feedback from cross-sector task forces. Topics such as professionalization of the cybersecurity workforce, training and professional development, workforce recruitment and retention strategies for the field, as well as standard cybersecurity competencies, have garnered extensive attention and interest among major stakeholders.

To help with this process, NICCS will house a repository of cybersecurity-related studies and information. The research posted here aims to help people become more informed about cybersecurity.