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There is a lot of information on the web about cybersecurity, but as a student, how do you know where to start to learn more? The NICCS website was developed to help you find what you need to know about cybersecurity or becoming a cybersecurity professional.

Cybersecurity Degree Programs

Many high school and college-aged students want to know, "What should I major in to get into cybersecurity?" The cybersecurity field is ever-changing and new degree programs are popping up every day. While there is no simple answer, we have done our best to help outline a range of degrees—from the Associate level through post-graduate level—that most commonly align to the various specialty areas. To check out a list of degree programs, click here.

Scholarship Opportunities

We all know the cost of a college education keeps rising. Scholarships are a great way to earn a degree while keeping costs down. At NICCS, we've tried to collect some of the scholarships that are available for students interested in the cybersecurity and technology fields. To learn more about some of the scholarships available click here.

Internship Opportunities

One of the best supplements to classroom learning is an internship. Internships give you real world working experience, and a chance to try out a career. Plus, and internship may give you an edge in the job market. Check out a list of some of the internships available here!

Cyber Competitions

Cyber competitions are interactive, scenario-based competitions that help participants develop cybersecurity skills and increase interest in cybersecurity careers. Competitions allow you to practice and hone your cybersecurity skills in a controlled, real-world environment. To learn more about cybersecurity competitions, visit the Competitions page.

Cybersecurity Camps

Cybersecurity Camps & Clubs are a great way to learn about cybersecurity in a fun and challenging way. Use robots to learn about programing or computers to solve problems. You'll get an opportunity to build and use technology while you learn about science, engineering, and math! Check out our list of Cybersecurity Camps.

Career Guidance

NICCS provides information about careers in Cybersecurity. Find out what a Cybersecurity Career is all about, or visit the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework to learn about possible careers opportunities within the 31 Specialty Areas.