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Cyber Competitions

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Looking for a place to check out your skills in a safe and LEGAL environment?  Learn more about cyber competitions!

Competitions are a great way to learn about cybersecurity by applying offensive and defensive maneuvers in a competitive environment.  Join a team or compete on your own.  You can gain access to, or remove vulnerabilities from competition machines, or build your own network and then defend it with the help of instructors along the way. There are lots of different competitions aimed at various levels of ability from beginners to seasoned experts.  Cyber competitions foster talent in potential cybersecurity professionals that might otherwise be unidentifiable through traditional academic means, and encourage mentor-led atmospheres where participants can practice and hone cybersecurity skills in a controlled, real-world environment. Check out a list of available Cybersecurity Competitions.

You can also learn more about the Cyber Competitions Project at the Department of Homeland Security.